Right Before Your Eyes (LP)


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Release date – September 23, 2022

Label – Spinside Records


Track list:

  1. Right Before Your Eyes
  2. Wunuvakine
  3. CA State Of Mind
  4. Solitary Superstar
  5. Blue Dream
  6. Yellow Brick Road
  7. Remember When
  8. Kite
  9. Can’t Take It With You
  10. Reggie’s Theme
  11. Here to Babylon
  12. Barnyard
  13. Vision Of Love
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All songs written by Ethan Browne and Catero Colbert except:

“Here To Babylon” written by Ethan Browne, Catero Colbert, and Elan Attias

“Reggie’s Theme” written by Kevin McCormick, Jeff Young, Marc Goldenberg and Fritz Lewak.

“Barnyard” and “Remember When” written by Ethan Browne


All songs published by Allied Industreets (ASCAP) except:

“Right Before Your Eyes”, “Solitary Superstar”, Yellow Brick Road”, “Kite”, “Vision Of Love”, and “Here To Babylon” published by Allied Industreets (ASCAP)/Cool Ace Cat Musicworks (ASCAP)